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Romeo and Juliet (2017)

Romeo and Juliet

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In 2017, the Stadsschouwburg (city theatre) of Leuven celebrated its 150th anniversary with a grand feast! The first ever performance in this magnificent building was none other than William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, which was performed in French back then. For the anniversary celebration, 30CC organised a 24-hour marathon of the famous balcony scene. No fewer than 96 different versions were on display, by amateurs and professionals alike, each putting their own spin on the scene in a 15-minute performance.

Shakespeare in Original Pronunciation

23rd of September, 2017 (16:15)

How did English sound 500 years ago, in the time of William Shakespeare? In a scene directed by Tyler Dickinson, starring Ivana Vranjes (Juliet) and Jeffrey Vansuyt (Romeo), and with the guidance of Ben Crystal (Shakespeare's Globe, Passion in Practice, Shakespeare on Toast: Getting a Taste for the Bard), Trivial Muffins kicked off the Stadsschouwburg's celebration and introduced Leuven to the magnificence of 'Original Pronunciation' in a unique performance of the balcony scene.


2017 - Romeo and Juliet



Director Tyler Dickinson
Accent Coach Ben Crystal
Romeo Jeffrey Vansuyt
Juliet Ivana Vranjes
Nurse Lies Huysegoms

Roméo et Juliette: the opera by Gounod

24th of September, 2017 (15:45)

In a stunning conclusion to the programme, Hadrien Baudot (Roméo) and Kristien Nijs (Juliette), supported by the newly-formed Trivial Muffins Orchestra under the direction of the extremely talented Stijn Paredis, presented excerpts from the opera by Charles Gounod, which, not coincidentally, was the very version to famously open the Stadsschouwburg in 1867.


2017 - Romeo et Juliette



Producer Hadrien Baudot
Roméo Hadrien Baudot
Juliette Kristien Nijs


Conductor Stijn Paredis
Violin 1 Karen Raeymaekers
Gert-Jan Clerx
Jeffrey Vansuyt
Christophe Cappuyns
Violin 2 Sander Schobers
Roosmarij Clerx
Ivana Vranjes
Amanda Dierx
Viola Marjolein Beckers
Maartje Everaert
Cello Ellen Van Caillie
Laura Verbert
Isabelle Lutz
Charlotte De Mondt
Oboe Maarten Van den Broeck
Clarinet Arne Herman
Bassoon Stefanie Lombaert
Nils Nijs
Flute Tine Huybrechts
Lies Eykens
Horn Ward Swinnen
An De Cleyn
Trumpet Wouter Quetin
Harp Ine Rens
Contrabass Koben Sprengers