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About Trivial Muffins

The origin of Trivial Muffins

A unique concept in Leuven (and far beyond), Trivial Muffins was created in 2014 with the aim of bringing faithful renditions of classic plays. Our first play was the all-time favourite of the founding members: Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. “Trivial Muffins” is derived from this first production, in which the protagonist explains that when he is unhappy, he eats muffins. In much of Wilde’s writing, the triviality of eating muffins becomes an issue of great importance to the characters. As it did for our budding theatre troupe: we had found our name and motto!

Trivial Muffins’ formula was received with much praise and this success launched a journey through other well-known classics of different genres.

Our style

Trivial Muffins wants to allow everyone to know the entrancing pleasures of the greatest masterpieces, played in their original environment. We strive to put on beautiful and traditional performances with costumes and settings fitting the time in which the plays were written, and in their original language. This is made possible by a group of highly motivated actors who work on getting their pronunciation right for every production. They are supported by a dynamic team of costume and set designers, technicians and other enthusiasts, who like to roam around flea markets and in opera collections to find the perfect costumes and props.