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We need a lot of people that can help us backstage and at the front office! IT geeks, social media aficionados, sewing fairies, inventive technicians, amazing builders,... you will be more than welcome and treated like monarchs!

Fill in the form below and we'll be delighted to offer you some delicious cup of tea, some crumpets and biscuits or gin depending on your tastes!


If you are interested in acting, you can apply for the roles listed below. For the auditions you will have to play a part of 'The importance of being Earnest' that we will give you. We will help you throughout the audition and evaluate your acting skills, your ability to assimilate the tips and your growth potential.

Here are the skills we expect from the candidates:

Please read the following texts, as you will have to play the first one ( with text, choose between the two characters) and the second one with the different emotions we will ask you:

We are currently looking for support backstage and male actors. We also expect our actors/actresses to help with the rest of the production.

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If you have a fantastic idea for what to play next, valuable critics, or if you're simply interested to work with us on one of our next productions? Please let us know through!