Bernard Shaw





19 & 20/10 2019 19:30 30CC/Schouwburg, Leuven
22 & 23/11 2019 19:30 Bronks theatre, Brussels


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The story

In Bernard Shaw’s comedy Pygmalion we get to witness the transformation of a common cockney flower girl into a fair lady. When Professor Higgins, a phoneticist, meets Eliza Doolittle selling flowers on the streets of London, he brags that he can “pass off the squashed cabbage leaf as the Queen of Sheba!”. Together with his friend Colonel Pickering, he takes on a bet to transform her into a duchess in polite society. The only thing he overlooks is that his ‘creation’ has a mind of her own.


Director Hadrien Baudot
Eliza Doolittle Maureen Van den Vondel
Henry Higgins Ben Verhaegen
Colonel Pickering Rutger Duflou
Alfred Doolittle - Neppomuck Hadrien Baudot
Mrs. Pearce Julie Wedam
Mrs. Higgins Elizabeth N. Ball
Freddy Eynsford-Hill Niels Janssens
Clara Eynsford-Hill Iris Tournoy
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill Emma Woodford
Bystander - Parlourmaid Zoë Broekhoven
Sarcastic bystander Peter Verreydt - Tyler Dickinson
Footman Peter Verreydt - Gautam Gaddemane