Arsenic and old lace

Joseph Kesselring





26 & 27/4 2019 19:30 30CC/Minnepoort, Leuven
21 & 22/5 2019 19:30 Bronks theatre, Brussels


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The story

The black comedy Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring tells the story of the Brewster family. Mortimer Brewster is a famous theatre critic who has to deal with his eccentric family. His sweet aunts, Abby and Martha, have quite unusual hobbies - and some bodies buried in the cellar! Their nephew Teddy, who believes he is T. Roosevelt, completes this crazy household. When Mortimer gets engaged to the beautiful Elaine Harper, he discovers one of the corpses in his aunts' house, turning his romantic evening into a nightmare.


Director Eline Geraerts and Ben Verhaegen
Martha Brewster Inge Smeers
Abby Brewster Ben Verhaegen
Mortimer Brewster Jeffrey Vansuyt
Elaine Harper Iris Tournoy
Jonathan Brewster Daniel O'Neill
Dr. Einstein Felix Godts
Teddy Brewster Hadrien Baudot
Officer O'Hara Maureen Van de Vondel
Officer Brophy Hanna Huysegoms
Rev. Harper/Mr. Witherspoon Niels Janssens
Lieutenant Rooney/Mr. Gibbs William Mwansa